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These days, people are changing the doors to their homes, not only to increase energy efficiency, but also to modernize or optimize the appearance of their homes. We offer a wide range of steel, fibreglass, wood or imitation wood doors, in more than 65 colours, a choice of hundreds of glazing and frosting options. The possibilities are endless

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Constantly on the lookout for the latest trends, you’ll find PVC and hybrid windows to suit all styles and budgets. Select among casement windows, awning windows, horizontal sliding windows, hung windows, and fixed or architectural windows. All models are available in either PVC or a hybrid PVC-aluminium composite.

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Patio Doors

We have the product that will meet your needs, whether you are looking for a PVC or hybrid aluminum patio door, with a standard size of 5, 6 or 7 feet in PVC or larger sizes of 9, 10, 11 and 12 feet. We can also enlarge an existing door or window to insert the patio door of your choice.


Awning windows

A high-performance product regardless of the weather conditions.  Resistant windows with no aesthetic compromise

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casement windows

Casement windows

A durable option for optimal insulation.  A high-performance product that will be your best ally. A popular and energy-efficient model that shines by its many properties.

Hung windows

A classic model that suits the architectural style of older homes. The ideal timeless choice to preserve the character of your residence.

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Slinding windows

This classic model, designed for wide openings, allows adjustable ventilation and doesn’t require any additional space when opened.